Un giorno senza fine (EP . 2018)

Damasco is a low budget musical project, it would have taken a lot of money for a professional production. I don’t have that money, so…

This EP, Un giorno senza fine, is entirely homemade, that means lo-fi audio quality, no professional musician, no production, no label.

But the point is that in this way my songs sounds more true, and, yeah, I really like it.

So take it as it is… and, while are you listening at them and maybe something will sounds strange to you, first of all ask to yourself:

“Why it sounds like that? What does he wants to say?”


Un giorno senza fine (EP . 2018) link

Download it, pay what you want or nothing at all.





o1 . Miele (Canzone per una madre) .                   download


02 . Space full of stars .                                            download


03 . Tra le gocce di pioggia .                                    download


04 . Canzone del Padre .                                          download


05 . La canzone di Chiara .                                       download


06 . Un giorno senza fine .                                        download